The "Light Laws of Creation"

The "Light Laws of Creation"

Activation, to increase enlightenment of souls in the New Age

With the Creator, the angels                  

Metatron, Uriel, Nuriel, Katriel & Hasdiel

Channeled by Osie Steinberg


I am the Creator, the king of all kings the holy one, Creator of all that is,

always with you, Zoharel.

Now is the time to activate in humanity and all the souls, the Light Laws of Creation. When all the creation was formed, from its earliest beginning, the Light Laws were the foundation of all life, all the souls' ways were chosen and manifested from them. The "Laws of Creation" are the foundations to all the morals and values laws, and with them are also the light forces of the enlightened creation. Out of a law of creation, come the force to the creation energies, and their activation for all beings of all the vast creation.

The Forces of Creation that are familiar to all light persons, are so basic that many of the do not eve define them as "Creation Forces" originating from the laws of the enlightened Creation. Most of them connect to these forces and use them as just light.

The forces of the enlightened creation are:

Light and within it the Force of Life, essence and the breath of life, origination directly from the life core center, from the creator, as a foundation of creation and a force of creation.                                                  It does not exist in the darkness creation or any being or force of the dark.

Light and within it the Force of Love, essence that is the love of             the creator to all that is created, all beings, with unconditional love.            The soul when originally formed is fully saturated with this energy, containing this force and frequencies in all its presence.

Light and within it the Force of graces from the creator. All the goodness descending to all the worlds as graces, originating from the creator emanation to all creation constantly.

Light and within it the Force of Compassion from the creator, allowing acceptance of help and forgiveness and empowerment from the creator. Forming the basis of connection to seeing the goodness, love of life, and all living beings, and the will to bring them to the highest form of existence.

Light and within it the Force of Wisdom as a creation force, with it the divine knowledge to create goodness. From the wisdom derives the knowledge and all possibilities in which it is given, to bring graces and wellness to all creation and life in it.

Light and within it the Force of Abundance, allowing to receive and create life and existence in goodness and balance to all beings and all life. The Creator's endless abundance, always present to all creation, available to all without limitations.

All these forces are originating from the Light Laws of Creation, allowing their activation, projection and enrichment of all life in the creation. All beings can connect to the source- the Creator, and out of free will and choice, accept in to them all these forces and energies at the highest possible capacity.

In the ancient eras of creation, in the far past of the beginning, the expansion and development, was by experience of the different elements of creation. All beings existed in the spaces from the thinnest and most airy to the densest of matter. From the element of air, to the element of fire, then element of water and the element of earth- matter.                 These elements were the direction of evolution and development of all beings and all creation. A gradual expansion and growing distance from the divine source- Creator and the higher eternal light worlds, were the direction of learning, that included the experiences of enlightened souls in physical bodies and consciousness of matter. That was the way for the spiritual development, through the experience of unity or separateness with free choice to reconnect to the creator and the light despite the density of matter.

The latest era- the 12th era, was the cosmic lesson – recognizing the inner strength by overcoming hardships while existing in matter. It had preceded the present era which is an era of awakening and enlightenment. In this present era the direction of all creation is elevation and getting closer to the higher light worlds, the creator and the enlightened creation, the higher divine"godhood soul, its consciousness, forces, will, truth, while releasing all the historical loads of karmas.

The laws of Creation are the way all the creation of light is led.              With conscious recognition and activation of these laws, it is possible to receive and internalize all the forces for the highest possible existence. Now they are activated and radiated with increasing intensities to all the spaces of the entire creation including the planet Earth. Humanity is receiving it with intensity never experienced before. The enlightenment of this era requires increase of frequencies, and they are rising with the containment of the Light Laws of Creation gradually. Within the next five years they will reach full intensity so all beings will integrate them and live with them as normal basis for existence. With the light increasing presence, a refusal is developed, to the live without the light and the quality of existence it brings with it. This process is leading to the exit of the dark creation beings out of the planet, with their rapid exposure.       The presence of the Light Laws and the recognition of their essence as a foundation for life, will supports strengthen and activate the souls to balance with the contents of the laws and to live naturally with them.

The Law of Enlightenment is the primary creation law, where all creation is in the light with the laws, forces and contents of the light.

(Genesis A,3-… "and god said let there be light and there was light.             4- And God saw the light as good. And god distinguished between the light and the darkness. 5-And God called the light day and he called the darkness night. And there was an evening and there was a morning as a one day".                                                                                                                 The goodness that is in the light is a law and a force and a foundation to all life, with the contents of all that is good. Now with transformation of the darkness and the transition of the entire Creation to the light, the empowerment of this law, is the basis for continuation of enlightenment of humanity in the new age. It also enables the transformation, fast recovery with the light, balance and harmony with all creation and all that is.

The Law of Balance is a law that with it all must be in balance, even when situation occurs when it is disturbed it must return to its balance.   Out of this law of balance raised the process of Karma, from the action and reaction process and the need to reach balance in all aspects. This law leads to a circular motion of all creation, to harmony and adaptation, flow and continuation with existence of all. Life with a connection and activation of this law, brings to the ability to live in balance in all aspects of life, out of choice and a conscious manifestation.

The Law of Life- is a law where the forces of life origination from the Creator, The King of all Kings, The Holy One, is a constant state of creation, as the only and primary source of life energy, breath and life force, for all that are created and living. In the spiritual worlds of light, all beings of light exist including the souls, is eternal and constant. It always exists in the eternal worlds and at time also in physical realities, with or without a material body. The sacredness and holiness of life, there for is a supreme law and value, from the core of their source and their constant conservation.                                                                                                       The more the soul is connected to the source, the creator, it is filled with more of the creation forces and light laws, so does its forces and powers, growth and activities, its life forces uses are stronger and intensified.      All life is created in holiness. The soul's choice to leave the balance or the enlightenment, interferes with the activation of the Law of Life for it, so its quality of existence, or wholeness is damaged.

The Law of wholeness- is a law, where all creation is made in wholeness, so each being is made complete and whole, and is always seeking to get back in to the original state of wholeness of its creation.    As such each being is functioning with the laws of life, balance and enlightenment. The Law of Wholeness ordains that each being, who lost its soul wholeness, or aspects of its spiritual bodies, to reconnect to this energy, be able to regain its structure and function, to exist in a reality of wellness, it aims for. Based on the Law of Wholeness it is possible to retrieve soul bodies, parts and energies, lost in all spaces of creation and in all times, for recovery and healing. Now in the new era reconnection and activation of the Law of Wholeness brings rapid recovery and healing. This recovery includes the souls, all life and the planet. This Law of Wholeness supports also the reconnection to the supreme godhood soul part. With it, the knowledge of the higher dimensions, reconnection and activation of the spiritual D.N.A strands, that were disconnected in past eras, leading to improved, natural understandings, functions, and easier enlightenment.

The Law of Truth- is a law, ordains that the creator's truth must be in all of creation. In this new age, there is a transformation of the darkness creation (where there is no truth) back to the light. This is a on going process directed to be, as a part of the Creator's will. It forces the clear distinction between light and darkness, truth and lie, good and evil, and the return of all creation to equilibrium in one complete truth in the light. There for this Law of truth forces the exposure & flooding out of all the hidden, the deceptive lies, and the domination of evil, that ruled over humanity for thousands of years. All the suffering exploitation enslavement and poverty, must end with the activation and application    of this law, on all creation and with-it Earth's humanity and its leadership. The Law of Truth is applied and effecting the justice, law and courts systems as well. Because the legal system that is based on laws that do not see the goodness, right, balancing and the truth for humanity and their servers, will not be able to continue this way any-more. The entire supreme spiritual leadership no longer allow this to exist at all. That is why, in the next few months and years, many of the great distortions     will be surfacing and be exposed to the knowledge of the public, so their performers will be trialed and carry the justice burden of the truthful law. 

The Law of Protection from the Creator- the Creator, the King of all Kings, the Holly One is the source of all that is. A creator's direct protection over all of creation light laws, their activation and application, for all beings with general or personal watch, are the original creation will, to preserve all the goodness that was created. The Protection Law of        the Creator, is given now in the new age, as a part of the extended creation plan. The permit for the darkness creation to control rule and manage parts of creation territories, including planet Earth is completed. There are no more such permits or options. The leadership or beings of the darkness, have from any of the entire Creation, any right or agreement, to hurt, injure, sabotage, block or stop, distort, exploit, plunder, rob or enslave humanity and all life on the planet. All the darkness forces with all their servers, are destined to leave and are presently leaving the planet, back to their original spaces, or are transformed back in to the light. There for the Creator's unique protection is applied for all that are willing asking and deserving of it, activated with greater intensity. For those who are using the Creator's protections regularly are upgraded and strengthened with greater intensities, multiplied 6 time and more, based on the duty mission and the evolutionary state of the soul.                                                             (Psalm 115, 9- "…Israel, trust the lord, he is their help and protector"…)

The Law of Divine Joy- is a law of unconditional joy with all that is, all that is good and all that exist. Unconditional Joy from the creator, is a primary frequency, because all is created for the highest good. Even if it is not appearing like that, from the earthly limited perspective. The creator's joy is a frequency of light. The Joy energy is a strengthening, empowering and filled with goodness, grace, gratitude, recognition of thanks"appreciation, attraction of wellness to the soul, to the body and to life. Now, in the new age, the era of awakening and enlightenment, while the darkness creation is departing, with all their servers and messengers, the foreign frequencies and deceptive consciousness are leaving with them. It allows to evaporate, transform and clear all the frequencies of fear, shame, guilt, grief, sorrow, lack, that were imprinted and assimilated deeply in to the soul of mankind. The vibrations of joy, push away and are repulsive to the frequencies-oppressors of darkness and sufferings, including various kinds of aliens from the dark creation. All these energies are evaporating, allowing the souls to advance to the new period free from the heavy restricting past loads.


I am the Creator, the King of all kings, The Holy One, invite all that are reading these contents, to connect to me, and to activate all these laws for your souls, with the strongest, most intense facilitation of advancement for the soul's recovery, & improvement of life's quality.

For the connection- Declare:

The Creator is one, blessed his kingdom, for ever and ever, Amen.

Seven time.

After requesting complete connection to the Creator, declare:

I_______________ (your full name) request from my supreme divine soul and the Creator to activate all the Light & Holy Creation Laws upon me now.

The Creator's Law of Enlightenment,                                                             The Creator's Law of Balance,                                                                                       The Creator's Law of Life,                                                                                The Creator's Law of Truth,                                                                                        The Creators Law of wholeness,                                                                   The Protection Law from the Creator                                                               The Law of Divine Joy

I ask to contain in & around me                                                                          All the Creator's forces of the light,                                                                     All the forces of life,                                                                                                   All the forces of love,                                                                                                  All the forces of graces,                                                                                               All the forces of compassion,                                                                                All the forces & wisdom knowledge of the creator,                                                 All the forces of abundance.

I ask that all the laws and forces are activated in me and with me now, with all the light, the goodness, the best for me, are accepted now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You are invited to connect and activate for your selves all the laws of the light, the forces of the light and the holiness from the Creator, every day, at all times, for your highest good.

You are blessed, you are loved,

Each and every one of you, are an important part of the enlightened creation system and function.

Your growth and development, actions and contributions are extremely important, each one in his own way.

I am the Creator                                                                                                             with you, eternally.