The 12 Original Lessons of Humanity on Earth

Seminar Contents

A rare & unique follow up 2 days seminar,
for those who took the 5 Gifts for Life seminar.

This powerful and original seminar, provides a profound experience of healing, 
for the soul lesson currently effecting your life.
It offers the list of all the 12 lessons of humanity on Earth and all the tools to completely clear it from your life now, and for-ever.

Special highlights of knowledge offered in the seminar,

 The Circle of Life, from death to a new life on earth.
What are the souls'  "Life Lessons"
 Choosing  "Life Lessons" by the soul 
 Choosing the best dynasty to fit your lesson in this life
  The 12 primary "Life Lessons" explained in details
  Find what your "Life Lesson" is
  How does the  "Life Lesson" rules every aspect of your life,
 How does the  "Life Lesson" cause repetitive  choices and life events,  
  How can you transform the foundation of the "Life Lesson"
  How can you heal the traumas of your "Life Lesson"
 Forgiveness for historic offenders 
  Reconnect to the higher soul
  New choice for life

Understand the order of "The Circle of Life".  
Find how you have chosen your life lessons
 Understand how & why life is so challenging
 Recognize your own "Life Lesson's" topics
Identify your life's biggest Blind Spot
 Release of life's blocks patterns
 Complete your lesson now!   
 Create new foundation for new life qualities
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